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Growers Choice Greenhouse Tulips
Too many colors to choose from? Not sure what colors your special someone would most enjoy? By selecting Grower's Choice you can skip the worry and simply have our staff pick your flower colors for you! We will choose from among all our beautiful varieties to create an exciting combination of the season's most popular colors. Availability of colors depends on the season and our daily tulip pick. 2 colors will be selected for 20 stem counts, 3 colors for 30 stem counts, and so on and so forth for as many colors as we are growing!

Blue Iris & Red Tulip Combo
This popular blend includes the best of both worlds! Combine the bold colors and simple blooms of tulips with the stately and graceful blooms of iris stems. Together they generate a striking visual display. Whether you are looking to stimulate someones senses, show someone your love, or simply treat yourself to something you deserve, this combo is a perfect choice. 20 stems for $43.99 Gift Certificate
Need a gift but don't know exactly what to get? You can't go wrong with a Gift Certificate! Our Gift Certificates have no expiration date and can be used online at, via phone, mail order or in person at our gift shop (RoozenGaarde).

Asiatic Lilies Growers Choice
Bright, vibrant colors and stems with a high number of accompanying buds define these lilies. Unlike our Oriental lilies, Asiatics will release only a very light scent that can sometimes only be noted in warmer environments. Each stem is supplemented by 4-6 flower buds, short but abundant foliage, and dynamic growth once placed in water. Make your choice from an array of colors sure to lend compliment to any room. 9 Stems for $41.99!

Dutch Iris
Although Dutch in name, these iris as with all our flowers are grown right here on our farm in Washingtons Skagit Valley and the bulbs selected from the 200 acres of iris fields we grow and produce. These indigo blue flowers are about the closest thing to blue you will find blooming in the natural world. Go ahead and touch someones heart and send them some traditional blue iris today! 20 stems for $38.99.